Hi, Conrad here!
Impact Founder • Systems Thinker • Community Builder
I help people level up.
I’m passionate about helping people level up. I’ve dedicated the past decade developing high-impact tech solutions that have positively impacted millions of people globally. From Toronto to Singapore, I’ve been successful in building and managing multi-million dollar businesses and leading teams of thousands of people towards a shared vision.
At present, I'm leading a vibrant community of over 15,000 members from 150+ countries, where we simplify real-life challenges into engaging game concepts - empowering members to unlock their potential, live their best life, and make positive impact.
My Systems
How Do I Level Up?

Define areas of your life that you want to constantly grow and level up.

Determine values that guide you as you pursue competence in your areas.

Curate a resource library of best practices and track your progress.

Vision Board

BEING: Visualize your best self across all your areas of competence.

HAVING: Paint a vivid picture of the lifestyle you aim to cultivate.

DOING: Leverage your resources to accomplish what you want to do.

Success Plan

Establish quarterly goals that articulate the WHY behind your actions.

Identify 3+ key results for each goal to indicate WHAT success means.

Design projects to show HOW you will work towards your desired outcomes.

Review Cycles

Quarterly: Determine your direction to head where you want to go.

Monthly: Step into the role of a founder and dream passionately.

Weekly: Manage the time and effort needed to take action on your dreams.


Design your ideal day and carve out intentional blocks of time.

Preserve your personal time by enabling others to schedule your time.

Integrate your tasks to be auto-prioritized and scheduled into your day.

Daily Quests

Upon waking, process any lingering thoughts and plan out your day.

Turn your daily habits into engaging quests and unlock bonus rewards.

Reflect at the end of your day to save your progress.

My Network

Cultivate deeper connections while maintaining balanced boundaries.

Archive key moments and tailor interactions to their love language.

Never miss an opportunity to connect with smart reminders.

My Services
How Can I Be Helpful?

Receive customized guidance on how to implement and optimize your systems to help you live your best life with intention and fun.

System Access

Get exclusive access to highly customizable systems that have powered my success and that of thousands of community members around the world.

Custom Workshops

Engaging, hands-on workshops designed to develop your team's skills to create robust systems and take your organization to the next level.

Let's Level Up Together 👊